Friday, June 12, 2015

Veros Dental No Show

By Greg Wright, 
Certified Fraud Examiner
Certified Financial Planner™

Veros Dental didn’t show up at the 2015 Indiana Dental Conference held this week in French Lick.

They had purchased a booth and were included in the list of Exhibitors and Sponsors but were not officially represented at the convention.  This is their first absence from this annual dental conference in several years.  They missed an opportunity to tell their story to an industry that is very interesting in hearing their side and their future plans.  
Dental industry conventions are an opportunity to bring dentists together to exchange ideas and for them to meet consultants and suppliers in one place.  Vendors have the opportunity to rub elbows with dentists without having to contend with gatekeepers.  This year, Versos Dental was a no show. 

Customers and industry representatives wanted an opportunity to speak with Veros Dental.  Customers wanted to know about their accounting services and investments.  What’s left?  What about the SEC freeze? Could they move their pensions? 

You may recall that, on April 24, 2015, two Veros investment advisers, along with a Carmel attorney, were accused by the Securities & Exchange Commission of running a $15 million Ponzi scheme. Charged by the SEC are Veros Partners' Matthew Haab and Tobin J. Senefeld, and Jeffrey B. Risinger, a Carmel attorney.  The SEC ordered an asset freeze.  Here is a link to the SEC Litigation Release. 

Two Veros CPAs were spotted at the convention and one was overheard saying that she had no idea what went on at the investment side of Veros; but, was she was moving on and starting her own firm.

Empty Convention Booth

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